Curriculum vitæ

Professional experience


Data economist, Insee, Paris.

Summer 2020

Intern at the division Research and Development of the NBB (National Bank of Belgium), Bruxelles, Belgique.

2017 - 2019

Methodologist on Seasonal and Working Day Adjustments (SA-WDA), Insee, Paris.

2015 - 2017

Short-term economic analysis officer in the manufacturing industry, INSEE, Paris.

Summer 2013

Intern research officer at the International Relations Department at the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística), Madrid, Spain.


2020 -

PhD Student at EDGE, Nantes Atlantique Economics and Management Laboratory (LEMNA).

  • Real-time detection of turning points: contribution of the use of asymmetric filters in business cycle analysis.
  • Under the supervision of Olivier Darné (LEMNA) and Dominique Ladiray (Insee).

2019 - 2021

National School of Statistics and Economic Administration (ENSAE).

2014 - 2015

Master of Science in statistics-econometrics, specialisation in official statistics and statistical studies, ENSAI / Université Rennes 1.

2013 - 2014

Bachelor of Economics in Science of organizations and markets, applied economics, Université Paris-Dauphine.

2012 - 2013

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics equivalent, Université Rennes 1.

2012 - 2014

National School for Statistics and Information Analysis, France (ENSAI).

2010 - 2012

Post-secondary preparatory school in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (France’s Grandes écoles), Lycée Carnot, Dijon.

Publications / Interventions


  • Quartier-la-Tente A. (2024), “Real-time trend-cycle estimation: the contribution of asymmetric moving averages”, Document méthodologique de l’Insee (French article).

  • Babet D., Lequien M., Quartier-la-Tente A. (2022), “The contribution of macroeconomic models to simulate the effects of higher energy import prices”, Conjoncture in France, March, p. 16-17.

  • Quartier-la-Tente A. (2022), “Real-time detection of turning points: the contribution of asymmetric filters to turning-point detection”, 13e Journées de Méthodologie Statistique (French article).

  • Ladiray D., Quartier-la-Tente A. (2018), “The good use of Reg-ARIMA models in seasonal adjustment”, 13e Journées de Méthodologie Statistique (French article).

  • Pham H., Quartier-la-Tente A. (2018), “Seasonal adjustment of very long time series by sub- period, advantages and choice of the estimate length”, 13e Journées de Méthodologie Statistique (French article).

  • Dortet-Bernadet V., Lenseigne F., Parent C., Quartier-la-Tente A., Stoliaroff-Pépin A-M., Plouhinec C. (2016), “After two years of turbulence, the French aeronautical sector is ready to take off again”, Conjoncture in France, December, p. 19-37.

  • Glotain M., Quartier-la-Tente A. (2015), “New sub-sector business climate indicators to improve economic outlook analysis”, Conjoncture in France, June, p. 35-54.

  • Quartier-la-Tente A. (2015), “To what extent does the integration of sub-sectoral information improve the quality of manufacturing production forecasting?”, Master’s thesis.




Trainer on time series analysis with R (12h), CEPE, Paris.


Lecturer in time series analysis, ENSAE, Paris.


Seasonal with JDemetra+ et RJDemetra (24h), RTE, Paris.


Trainer on seasonal and working days adjustment (SA-WDA) (24h), CEPE, Paris.

2017 - 2019

Trainer on seasonal and working days adjustment (SA-WDA),INSEE, Paris.


Lecturer in introduction to the statistical software , ENSAE, Paris.


Mauritius (2023)

Technical assistance on the production monthly indicators of economic growth (MIEG).

Cameroun (2023)

Technical assistance on the production of seasonally adjusted and working day adjusted of Quarterly National Accounts (QNA).

Togo (2023)

Technical assistance on the production of seasonally adjusted and working day adjusted of Quarterly National Accounts (QNA) and Monthly Indicators of Economic Growth (MIEG).

Mauritania (2022)

Technical assistance on the construction of index of industrial production (IIP) and on seasonal adjustment.

North Macedonia (2022)

Technical assistance on liquidity forecasting to the National Bank of North Macedonia.

Honduras (2022)

Technical assistance on liquidity forecasting to the Central Bank of Honduras.

Senegal (2020)

Trainer on manipulation and forecast of time series with (5 days), BCEAO.

Paris (2018)

Technical assistance on seasonal adjustment methods to a Serbian Delegation.

Europe (2017-)

Member of the Eurostat seasonal adjustment center of Excellence: reflections on seasonal adjustment methods; development of R packages around JDemetra+, maintenance and distribution. Technical assistance to several European countries.

Senegal (2017)

Trainer on forecasting models and construction of synthetic indicators, BCEAO, Dakar, and INSEE, Paris.

Paris (2016)

Technical assistance on the use of business surveys in forecasting National Accounts to a Serbian Delegation.